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Christmas Party Pop Up Card

  • $12.95
  • Ex Tax: $12.95
  • Product Code: M00000179
  • Availability: In Stock

Christmas Party Pop Up Card

  • HANDMADE INTRICATE DESIGN - This lovely popup card features an exquisite, unique, 3D design. It resembles an explosion with Christmas themed items. This card is a memorable gift that can be kept as a keepsake.
  • SURPRISE SOMEONE SPECIAL - The card is flat when folded. The recipient will be surprised as they open the card and the stunning sculpture pops up. Creating a special magical moment.
  • DELICATE COVER AND PREMIUM ENVELOPE - The front cover vibrant, colorful and features a delicate, laser-cut design, which hints at the cards interior design. The envelope is classic, luxurious and is seal-able for easy mailing.
  • PERSONALIZE EASILY - The card has a dedicated removable message tag, to write your warm wishes, messages, and notes.
  • PERFECT GIFT ALTERNATIVE - The Paper Love “Christmas Party” card is the greatest gift you can give to a loved one, a friend on Christmas, during the holiday season or anytime during the winter. It is much more than just a card. The recipient will definitely remember the experience forever.
  • Intricate Design

    The Paper Love “Christmas Party” card is one of our most beautiful designs among our Christmas card collection. The card has so many details. You'll be amazed by its intricacy inside out.

    Vibrant Cover

    The front cover is a vibrant and colorful, it features a beautiful laser-cut Christmas themed design that hints at the card’s inside.

    The Card is 5x7 Inches when folded. The best size for mailing.

    Exiting Sculpture

    Once opened the card reveals a cute unique 3D design. It resembles an explosion of Christmas themed items, like, gift stuffed socks, Christmas trees and Santa hats.

    Surprise your loved ones by giving them the card when folded. They'll be surprised when they open the card and the sculpture pops open.

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